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Musky Tournament on Lake Saint Clair

by | Posted February 1, 2019 |
We caught fish trolling during this Musky tournament. Two muskies ended up being Tiger Muskies. Check out how we got in the top 15 during this two day

Suckers getting chomped underwater

by | Posted December 19, 2018 |
Check out muskies stalking and shrinking suckers captured with a waterwolf camera.

8 yr old battles St.Clair muskies

by | Posted September 9, 2018 |
This youngster catches his first musky trolling on Lake Saint Clair. Next up catching one casting.

FIRST Drone Trolling Musky on Lake Saint Clair

by | Posted August 18, 2018 |
Trolling for a couple hours with no bites we took up the drone and what do you know, we get a bite! We were trolling Ziggie Baits prefishing for the P

Canada Musky

by | Posted August 7, 2018 |
We got some Ranger Boat action on the drone in Canada and also caught a few musky!

Eagle River 2018

by | Posted July 19, 2018 |
During the Eagle River PMTT we were trolling open water on a smaller lake. Its easier to locate bait which is usually located near the bottom. We kept

Unexpected Conditions

by | Posted January 30, 2018 |
Northern Wisco threw up some temperature changes in late June but we pulled through and got pinned on some green machines

Under water footage of musky chasing sucker

by | Posted December 7, 2017 |
Here are some shots from lake saint clair and the saint clair river. We had an extraordinary amount of followers within in a few hours.

Weekend musky fishing with my Dad

by | Posted August 17, 2017 |
Great weekend fishing

Solo Musky Figure-8 Boatside Strike

by | Posted August 17, 2017 |
Ferocious boat side strike out of nowhere