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Suckers getting chomped underwater

by | Posted December 19, 2018 |
Check out muskies stalking and shrinking suckers captured with a waterwolf camera.

8 yr old battles St.Clair muskies

by | Posted September 9, 2018 |
This youngster catches his first musky trolling on Lake Saint Clair. Next up catching one casting.

FIRST Drone Trolling Musky on Lake Saint Clair

by | Posted August 18, 2018 |
Trolling for a couple hours with no bites we took up the drone and what do you know, we get a bite! We were trolling Ziggie Baits prefishing for the P

Canada Musky

by | Posted August 7, 2018 |
We got some Ranger Boat action on the drone in Canada and also caught a few musky!

Eagle River 2018

by | Posted July 19, 2018 |
During the Eagle River PMTT we were trolling open water on a smaller lake. Its easier to locate bait which is usually located near the bottom. We kept

Unexpected Conditions

by | Posted January 30, 2018 |
Northern Wisco threw up some temperature changes in late June but we pulled through and got pinned on some green machines

Under water footage of musky chasing sucker

by | Posted December 7, 2017 |
Here are some shots from lake saint clair and the saint clair river. We had an extraordinary amount of followers within in a few hours.

Weekend musky fishing with my Dad

by | Posted August 17, 2017 |
Great weekend fishing

Solo Musky Figure-8 Boatside Strike

by | Posted August 17, 2017 |
Ferocious boat side strike out of nowhere

Blue Water Musky

by | Posted August 13, 2017 |
There’s nothing like getting a fish boat side in some clear blue water!